Friday, January 6, 2017

This Election Result Confirmation Meeting was a Little more Testy

   I caught a good portion on C-SPAN of the joint session of Congress confirming the Electoral College results. As I watched, I wondered if it didn't have as much drama as any election confirmation session in our history. I thought it would be just a reading and recording of the votes, but a few speakers - House members -- repeatedly tried to contest results from some of the states. Joe Biden wouldn't let them speak, stopping them each time they tried, saying such requests had to be in writing and signed by a representative and a senator. They would respond that they signed as the representative, and were seeking a senator's signature. At any rate, Biden cut them off each time they tried to speak and their microphones were muted. So, I never got to understand what their complaints were. One did refer to 87 malfunctioning voting machines in North Carolina before she was cut off.
  Later tonight, I did find a story, noting one speaker was upset with voter suppression brought about by purging voter rolls and by strict voter I.D. laws.

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