Friday, January 20, 2017

What if, Instead of Firing the Coach, We gave Him a Makeover?

  What if, instead of firing the coach, we gave him a makeover? What if instead of looking down a list of applicants, the A.D. looked down a list of traits he wanted, and asked his current coach to adopt them?
  I've never heard of such an approach, never heard of it happening. So, this would be a novel thing. But, I ask, why not, in some cases, try it.
   So, reinvent yourself, coach, and here's what we want the new, improved you to be like. Here's how we want you to act when you are down by 20. Here's how we want you to think. Here's what we observed about Coach K in this situation; Can you do this? Etc.
   Some would say that those things have to come naturally, that you can't just fake them, but I believe some coaches could, indeed, reinvent themselves. When a coach is new in the business, he considers how he should coach, and what methods are best. Why is it he can only do this early in his career, and only once? What is to prevent the coach from doing it again, 10 or 20 years in?
   So, let the coach look at his assignment through the eyes of someone fresh in the business. Here's some changes I can make in myself. Here's some things I'm not doing that I might. What kind of game-day intensity should I have? What demeanor should I have? How does does my game-day atmosphere compare to that of Coach K's, and can I emulate his?
   People change; Why can't coaches? What if, instead of firing our coaches, we retrained them? What if we coached our coaches instead of replacing them?

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