Thursday, January 26, 2017

I Embrace Trump's Call for an Investigation

   Nay, let us not tell Donald Trump there is no evidence of the voter fraud he speaks of. There is. I do not know that I favor all the voter I.D. laws various states have considered. But that various states adopted them shows they believed such voter fraud is real.
   And, now we would say there is no evidence?
   Now, supposing people from south of the border were getting to vote due to lax I.D. rules, which way would they be likely to vote -- for Trump or against him?
   We've long feared voter fraud. Dead people voting has long been a concern. I see no reason to suggest there is no evidence of voter fraud. Instead, we should welcome an investigation, and demand that it be fair and even-handed. I wonder, though, if this isn't a thing difficult to investigate -- if it isn't putting a heavy onus on the Intelligence Community.
   Still, however much investigation can be brought to pass, I welcome. Never has our election system been so vulnerable. With ballots being mailed out, they can be stolen from mailboxes. They can arrive at addresses where people have moved out. They can arrive at voters who do not want to use them, and end up being used by friends who do.
   Not too long ago, there was no such thing as malware able to alter votes on electric voting machines. That, too, is a new vulnerability.
   Maybe an investigation will not uncover many incidents. Perhaps that is a difficult assignment. But, perhaps if it lists all the dangers and does no more than point out all the ways our system can be compromised, that will prompt us to make changes to bring about a safer and securer system.

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