Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Chop Some of the U.S. Intelligence Community into Firewood

   With 17 intelligence agencies, maybe we ought to chop some firewood. Maybe that is a little much, a little overkill, a little more than what a debtor nation can afford.
   Seventeen intelligence agencies, did you say? I read how we might have 100,000 spies. I read how the budget was $44 billion -- and that was back in 2006. With billions being spent, there might be billions to be saved.
   I would not to cut a dime on intelligence that is needed, but somehow I wonder if there is duplication, and unnecessary bureaucracy. I understand most of the agencies are not intelligence-gathering agencies, but rather they deal in intelligence. Sometimes, they just take information the big five agencies gather, and deal with it for their own parent agency's purposes. I wonder whether it would be more cost effective to just have the intelligence agency that is gathering the information report directly to the agency needing the information, rather than having a sub-agency there just to disseminate and follow the intelligence. And, I understand the FBI often partners with local law enforcement, creating a situation where sometimes one does the work, and the other doesn't do much but to follow along, keeping abreast with the case while not really contributing.
   Duplication can be waste.
   We are a nation with a $19 trillion debt. We ought to be looking for places to cut and save. I would not cut a dime from our U.S. Intelligence Committee's budget if that dime is money well spent. But, I cannot help but thinking there exists chunk of change to be save if we were to audit our U.S. Intelligence Community and chop some of it into firewood.

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