Monday, January 2, 2017

What if the Ice Caps Melted of a Sudden?

   Climate change? Global warming. When I read of the temperatures at the Arctic Circle going above the freezing mark about a week ago, I wondered what if it got to, say, 60 degrees, and stayed there.
   And, all the ice melted, not gradually, but of a sudden.
   Or the Antarctica, what if it melted, quickly? I word search and read how Greenland and the Antarctica contain 75 percent of the earth's fresh water. If they melted, oceans would rise by at least 275 feet. You melt them in a hurry, and do you cause tidal waves throughout the world? I'm told, they could not melt fast enough to cause tidal waves.
   How far inland do the waves rise?
   I don't study long enough, but imagine there must be some reason this isn't expected to happen. Despite all the fear of global warming, I don't hear many people suggesting either of our two caps are in any danger of melting just pop, all of a sudden.
   But, is there a rule against it? Is it possible? Because if it is, we might just have Noah's flood all over again. And, if it is, are we living in danger every day, of this sudden calamnity? If there is nothing that says the temperatures can't suddenly flip to 60 degrees, and stay there for a time, don't we live in this danger daily?
   I say it won't happen, and I guess I do so in part because in the Bible story of the Great Flood, we are told, "(N)either shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth." (Genesis 8:11)
   As I reflect on it, I suppose I do not know whether it is suggested the global warming will eventually totally melt one or both ice caps, though across time, not of a sudden. I obviously know we are worried about the reduction of the ice caps, but are we fearful they could completely melt?

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