Monday, January 23, 2017

A Hiring Freeze will Work only if it is Managed Well

   Shall we consider this: Would a good hiring freeze on federal government employees help rein in the national deficit? President Trump announced a freeze today. Now, we must wait to see how it pans out,
   But a hiring freeze intrigues me.
   As a way to fight government bureaucracy and the national debt.
   Of course we need to employ enough people to perform the necessary functions of government. And, I can see I am not in position to say how many jobs can go vacant without causing problems. But, I welcome an attempt to cut some of our deficit through this approach. I welcome trying this. If it does not work, it might need to be dropped, but at least give it a good, honest try.
   How well it works might depend on how well it is managed. If you need to shift some employees when critical positions open up, you must do so. One problem might be that the federal workers will not swing work from one spot to the more critical spots simply because they see cutbacks as an attack on their employment. They might well want the effort to fail. If you can get them to sign on to help the effort, that might be the only way it will succeed.
   And, is this hiring freeze no more than window dressing? George W. Bush announced a hiring freeze in 2001 at the beginning of his administration. Whatever happened to it? How long did it last? Do presidents just do this for the show, but not follow through to see that the freezes are truly effective?

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