Monday, January 16, 2017

As Long as We have Crime, We have Witness that there is Agency

Laws do not take away agency; they give it birth. If there is no law, there is no choice between right and wrong. Choice comes out of having laws. This is not to say government cannot take away agency by taking away such freedoms as the right to say what you want, the right to worship as you will, the right to go where you choose, and so forth. And, if governments were able to prevent you from your choice of keeping or breaking the law, laws would also prevent agency. But, as long as there is crime, there is witness that there is agency. You can prohibit alcohol, but some will still choose to bootleg. You can ban marijuana, but many will still choose to smoke pot. You can say, Thou shalt not kill, but there will be killers, anyway. The question becomes, then, not whether we should get rid of laws to increase our agency, but which laws are beneficial to society.

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