Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Coaches become Brilliant when Their Players become Great

   Coaches become brilliant when their players become great. I think of how Doc Rivers has Chris Paul on his Los Angeles Clippers squad. But, when Paul went down injured, the team lost three out of four. I think of how Brad Stevens has "discovered" Isaiah Thomas. Thomas was a pretty decent player all along, but has blossomed into a superstar in Boston. I wonder but what Stevens' touch didn't make the difference in elevating Thomas's game.
   And, I think of George Hill here with the Utah Jazz. He began the season hot. This is not a young player, that he should still be developing a la Isaiah Thomas or like Stephen Curry did. But, I wonder, the same, but what his best days might yet be ahead of him, if a coach were to turn him loose. I wonder if George Hill would assume superstar status.
   Great coaches are made by great players, and sometimes the greatest part of coaching is in finding them.

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